Chiral Symmetry Restoration in QCD

  • Edward Shuryak


One of the central problems of modern physics is to understand the structure of the QCD ground state, the “QCD vacuum”. It is as a kind of a dense matter, composed of gauge and quark fields, interacting in a complicated non-perturbative way. Theorists working in the field use different approaches: (i) lattice gauge theory (LGT); (ii) QCD sum rules, based on the Operator Product Expansion (OPE);(iii) models of the QCD vacuum (e.g. the instanton-based ones, to be emphasized below);(iv) effective theories (chiral Lagrangians, etc); (v) various models of quark-quark interactions (potential quark models, NJL, bag models etc.). A common ground for the comparison of their results are the so called QCD correlation functions, see recent review [1].


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