Microstructures and Superconducting Properties of Ag Alloy Sheathed Bi-2223 Tapes

  • Y. Tanaka
  • M. Ishizuka
  • L. L. He
  • S. Horiuchi
  • H. Maeda
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials book series (ACRE, volume 42)


Bi-2223 superconducting tapes were prepared by the powder-in-tube technique using Ag-10 at%Cu-x at%M (M=Ti, Zr or Hf, X=0 - 1.0) alloy sheaths. The alloy sheathed tapes with a very small amount doping of Ti, Zr or Hf, the doped tapes, exhibited considerably higher Jc values than those of pure Ag or Ag-10 at%Cu sheathed tapes, the non-doped tapes. The highest Jc values at 4.2 K/14 T and 77 K/0.4 T reached around 9.0x and 1.0×104 A/cm2, respectively, for the doped tapes, especially for the 0.1 – 0.03 at%Ti or 0.1 at% Hf doping. Compared with the non-doped tapes, the doped tapes show in most case larger magnetic moment. SEM microstructures observed on the core surfaces of these tapes revealed large flat-shaped Bi-2223 grains containing neither subgrains nor small stick-shaped grains. Furthermore, high resolution transmission electron microscope revealed that amorphous disc-like regions with less than 5 nm in thickness parallel to (001) plane were introduced into Bi-2223 lattice in parallel to CuC2 layer. These changes in grain morphology and existence of amorphous disc-like regions may strongly be related to the high Jc properties of the doped tapes, especially the amorphous regions may play the important role as one of pinning centers.


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  • M. Ishizuka
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  • L. L. He
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  • S. Horiuchi
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  • H. Maeda
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  1. 1.National Research Institute for MetalsSengen, Tsukuba 305Japan
  2. 2.Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.yuhigaoka, Hiratsuka 254Japan
  3. 3.National Institute for Research in Inorganic MaterialsNamiki, Tsukuba 305Japan
  4. 4.Institute of Metal ResearchAcademia SinicaShenyangP.R.China

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