Mechanical Properties of Fiber-Reinforced YBa2Cu3Ox and Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox Bars

  • K. C. Goretta
  • L. J. Martin
  • D. Singh
  • R. B. Poeppel
  • Nan Chen
  • C.-Y. Chu
  • J. L. Routbort
  • R. A. Gleixner
Part of the An International Cryogenic Materials Conference Publication book series (ACRE, volume 40)


Bars of YBa2Cu3Ox (123) and Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox (2212) were examined at room temperature for strength in four—point bending and fracture toughness. The 123 was reinforced with 15 vol.% Y2BaCuO5 (211) fibers and processed to 90–91% density by cold pressing and sintering. The 2212 was reinforced with 15 vol.% 2212 fibers and processed to ≈90% density by sinter forging. The 123/211 composites had a fracture toughness of 1.9 MPa(m)0.5, which is 20–30% higher than that of corresponding monoliths, but exhibited no improvement in strength. The strength and fracture toughness of the 2212/2212 composites were 102 MPa and 2.7 MPa(m)0.5, respectively, which were slight improvements over those of the monoliths. Transport critical current densities at 77 K were only slightly affected by the fiber additions.


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  • L. J. Martin
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  • D. Singh
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  • R. B. Poeppel
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  • Nan Chen
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  • C.-Y. Chu
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  • J. L. Routbort
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