Superconductive Electronics with High Transition Temperature Films

  • A. Davidson
  • J. Talvacchio
  • M. G. Forrester
  • J. R. Gavaler
Part of the An International Cryogenic Materials Conference Publication book series (ACRE, volume 40)


Electronics based on high transition temperature superconductive thin film materials is presently viable in some important niches, particularly in passive microwave circuits. Applications requiring Josephson junctions are impeded by the lack of reproducible junctions, but the junctions that can be produced are good candidates for the new Rapid Single Flux Quantum class of extremely fast digital circuits. Other devices that take advantage of the weak fluxoid pinning of some films are also promising, particularly the flux flow transistor. The availability of both Josephson and flux flow devices at 77 K invites exploration of hybrid technologies using HTS multi-chip modules supporting silicon CMOS chips and superconductive chips at the same time. The superconductive contribution to the emerging applications can result in significant performance advantages, particularly in remote sensing and communications.


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  • M. G. Forrester
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  • J. R. Gavaler
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