Exergy Analysis of Stirling Cycle Cryogenerator

  • K. G. Narayankhedkar
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 43)


Exergy or the available work energy function is a useful concept for analysing various systems. This paper attempts to present exergy analysis for Stirling cycle cryogenerator. The cycle deviates from the ideal cycle due to (1) finite temperature difference (Δt) during heat transfer processes and (2) loss of refrigerating effect due to regenerator ineffectiveness. The analysis shows that at lower temperature ratios the influence of Δt on exergetic efficiency is marginal. However, the influence of regenerator effectiveness on the exergetic efficiency even at lower temperature ratios is considerable. The combined effect of Δt and regenerator effectiveness leads to the practical case and the same also has been analysed.


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  • K. G. Narayankhedkar
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  1. 1.Indian Institute of TechnologyBombay, MumbaiIndia

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