Packaging and Integration Issues for Cryoelectronic and Superconductor Materials

  • T. H. Clynne
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 43)


Device technology has matured to the point where necessary levels of performance in the cryoelectronic and superconductor components have been achieved, but now the limiting factor in producing products is the lack of high reliability, affordable packaging which allows the end user to treat the cryoelectronic subsystem as a procurable commodity. General packaging issues relating to the design, fabrication and integration of Systems utilizing cryoelectronic and superconductor materials will be discussed by drawing upon historical work done in the Infrared field. System level performance topics will include limiters of thermal performance, enhancement of vacuüm life and analysis methods, electrical & interconnect issues. Effects of environmental constraints and prediction tools will be reviewed. Problems to be anticipated when integrating devices into systems and methods of ensuring device survivability will be discussed.


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