S-Layers Found on Clinical Isolates

  • Kari Lounatmaa
  • Markus Haapasalo
  • Eero Kerosuo
  • Hannele Jousimies-Somer
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The cell envelopes of bacteria from clinical infections consist of the cytoplasmic membrane and the cell wall. The cytoplasmic membrane is the site of many important biosynthetic activities of the cell, while the cell wall is mainly responsible for the maintenance of the cell shape. In gram-positive bacteria peptidoglygan surrounds the cytoplasmic membrane, in gram-negative cells a thin peptidoglycan layer is further surrounded by the outer membrane. In both gram-positive and gram-negative species amorphous polymeric material (e.g., capsular polysaccharides) may be present on the cell surface.


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  • Hannele Jousimies-Somer
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