Complex Spectroscopy

  • J. B. French
  • E. C. Halbert
  • J. B. McGrory
  • S. S. M. Wong
Part of the Advances in Nuclear Physics book series (ANP)


The development of high-speed computers has had, and will continue to have, a major effect on the status of theoretical spectroscopy as applied to nuclear (or atomic) problems. One healthy outcome, at least in the nuclear domain with which we are familiar, is that more and more experimentalists can take to themselves the theoretical analysis of their own spectroscopic data—in the sense of proposing model wave functions for the nuclear states involved. In the past, even the courageous experimentalist has been inhibited in considering detailed many-body descriptions, because of the purely computational difficulties; and these difficulties have seriously bothered the theoretical spectroscopist too. But things have been changing during the past five years or so, because of the introduction of powerful spectroscopic computing programs.


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  • E. C. Halbert
  • J. B. McGrory
  • S. S. M. Wong

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