The Postmodern Adult

  • Gerald Young
Part of the The Springer Series in Adult Development and Aging book series (SSAD)


Modernism is a perspective on humans and their world that reached its zenith at the beginning of the current century. (For recent understandings of postmodernism, see Brewster Smith, 1994, 1995; C. T. Fischer, 1992; K. Gergen, 1994a, 1994b, 1995; M. Gergen, 1995; Gülerce,1995a,1995b; Kegan, 1994; Kvale, 1992; Misra, 1993; Neimeyer, Neimeyer, Lyddon, and Hoshmand, 1994; Neimeyer and Mahoney, 1995; Packer, 1992; Parry, 1993; Russell and Gaubatz, 1995; D. White and Wang, 1995; for specialized postmodern topics in psychology, see Danziger, 1991 and the book series edited by K. Gergen that is reviewed in Neimeyer et al., 1994.)


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