Prologue: A 25-Step Developmental Model

  • Gerald Young
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Young (1990a, 1990b, submitted) has proposed a 25-step model of development that is neopiagetian in its cognitive origin and neoeriksonian in its socioemotional one (see Table P.1). It describes parallels in the two domains across the lifespan. The cognitive model integrates the work of current neopiagetian theorists, and as such borrows their concept of a cyclic recursion of substages within stages of development. I found that I had to add to these models cognitive steps especially at the level of adult development. Aside from its basis in current neopiagetian work, the current model also manifests a deep respect for the notion that fractals permeate the psychological developmental field. In Chapters 7 and 12, I describe the concept of fractalization (concerned with self-similarity across different system levels), and the manner in which the current theory speaks to it.


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