NMR Spectroscopic Studies

  • M. D. Zeidler
Part of the Water book series (WCT, volume 2)


In the first volume of this series nuclear magnetic resonance studies on water and ice were reviewed (Chapter 6). A short survey on theoretical and experimental foundations was presented, covering relaxation phenomena and chemical shifts. A large number of books and review articles dealing with these topics exists. For introductory purposes textbooks at different levels can be recommended,(36,269,453,471,648,870,906,1110,1226,1228,1259) while the standard reference book for NMR work is Abragam’s text.(1) In the series of “Advances in Magnetic Resonance” basic treatments about relaxation(411,689,1137) and chemical shift(1010) have appeared. Another series, “Progress in NMR Spectroscopy,” contains articles which are also of interest for our purpose.(412,656,833)


Relaxation Rate Correlation Time Infinite Dilution Water Proton Downfield Shift 
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