Concentration Fluctuations and Light Scattering in Aqueous Solutions of Propyl Alcohols

  • M. F. Vuks
  • L. I. Lisnyanskii
  • L. V. Shurupova


The characteristics of intermolecular interaction in solutions are reflected in both their thermodynamic properties and their light-scattering behavior. The additional light scattering in solutions is due to concentration fluctuations, which are related to the Gibbs excess thermodynamic potential in the following manner:
$$ \upsilon \overline {\Delta {x^2}} = \frac{{RT}}{N}|\left[ {1 + \frac{{{x_1}{x_2}}}{{RT}}{{\left( {\frac{{{\partial ^2}{G^E}}}{{\partial {x^2}}}} \right)}_{p,T}}} \right] $$
where \( \overline {\Delta {x^2}} \) is the mean square fluctuation in the molar concentration in an element of volume v, x1 and x2 are the molar proportions of the first and second components, GE is the Gibbs excess molar thermodynamic potential, and N is the total number of molecules per cm3 of solution.


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  • M. F. Vuks
  • L. I. Lisnyanskii
  • L. V. Shurupova

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