Concentration-Related Changes in the Spectral Characteristics of the Libration Band of Liquid Water in Acetonitrile and Acetone Solutions

  • A. I. Sidorova
  • L. V. Moiseeva


Acetonitrile is highly soluble in water, in contrast to other nitriles. All the molecular parameters of acetonitrile (bond lengths, force constants, dipole moments, etc.) are well known [1]. Spectroscopic investigation of aqueous acetonitrile solutions is therefore a convenient procedure for studying the spectral characteristics of water. In particular, the acetonitrile absorption band corresponding to the valence vibration of the C ≡ N triple bond is very sensitive to changes in temperature and solvent properties. The structural characteristics of liquid water are manifested in the anomalous behavior of this band in aqueous solutions [2, 3].


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  • A. I. Sidorova
  • L. V. Moiseeva

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