Transient Dielectric Coefficient and Conductance in Dielectric Media in Nonstationary Fields

  • A. Gutman


The establishment process of medium parameters becomes an essential one for the pulse propagation if the pulse duration and character times of medium processes are commensurable. The polarization, dielectric coefficient and conductance are these medium parameters in the case of the electromagnetic pulse propagation. The paper contains their investigation in the medium with elastic tied charges. The establishment process also depends on the electromagnetic pulse form. Therefore the following three pulse formes of the exciting field are considered here: 1) the function of a single step (Heviside function), 2) a linearly growing function of time, 3) the pulse function of special form. The dielectric response from Heviside function excitation can be used for constructing the response from other ones, but it is found that their direct calculation is more convenient.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsVoronezh State Forestry Engineering AcademyRussia

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