Thermoelectric Power and Resistivity of Yb Diluted in Ag1-xAux

  • F. F. Bekker


Ytterbium diluted in Ag1-xAux has attracted a lot of interest in the last 10 years. As soon as it was known that Yb is in a divalent non magnetic state in Ag1,3 and in a trivalent magnetic one in Au2,3 it became clear that for some value of x there should be a configuration cross-over in the Ag1-xAux host, with as a consequence a Kondo effect due to the s-f interaction.4 This configuration cross-over however must also have strong influence on the screening cloud around the Yb impurity; this in turn means that not only the spin dependent scattering is affected but also the potential scattering.5,6


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