Social Science and Public Policy

  • Max Steuer


The intention of this book is to put down a marker. It says ‘this is social science’. To me, and to many others, this is a perfectly natural and uncontroversial statement. But to a frighteningly large number of people the existence and nature of social science is a matter of dispute, or this branch of science simply is being ignored. It is clear that society and its problems can be studied, and are being studied, in a scientific way. Those who doubt this, or worse, those who do something unscientific and pretend it is social science, are wrong and are doing a serious disservice to mankind. This sounds grandiose, but there is no other way of putting it. The adverse consequences of denying and confusing research can affect everyone, however remote they may be from centres of social enquiry. Alternatively, this branch of science can be used to improve the lives of people generally.


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