Summary of Findings of the Guido Carli Association’s Second International Conference

  • Paolo Savona


The work done to build a new architecture of the international monetary system (IMS) is described effectively by Fabrizio Saccomanni in one of the papers written for the conference and included in this volume. Saccomanni represented the Bank of Italy in the various venues where this issue was discussed and in this context personified the fine traditions established by Italy in both scholarship and monetary diplomacy.1 The paper by Maxwell C. Watson describes the operational results obtained thus far in this area, dealing particularly with the aspects that involve the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The concluding remarks by Antonio Casas-Gonzáles, president of the Central Bank of Venezuela, complete the picture with an agenda of actions that might prevent complications. The work of these three scholars represents one of the most precise and well-reasoned syntheses of an issue now being examined by officials in the world’s major industrialized countries.


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