Volume Homeostasis and Blood Pressure in Diabetic States

  • James A. O’Hare
  • J. Barry Ferriss


Extra-cellular sodium and fluid volume expansion as measured using the isotopic technique of Total Exchangeable Sodium measurements is commonly seen in patients with both IDDM and NIDDM. The exact cause is not known but plausible factors include increased capillary permeability and subtle renal alterations in sodium handling. Intravascular volume is not expanded.

In IDDM patients with nephropathy and hypertension Total Exchangeable Sodium is further increased and positively related to Blood Pressure. By contrast Total Exchangeable Sodium is not clearly expanded in NIDDM patients with hypertension ab initio and is not related to blood pressure. In IDDM patients free of complications the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system behaves normally. In nephropathy angiotensin 11 may be playing a role in hypertension in some patients. In NIDDM patients without nephropathy plasma renin is suppressed in both normotensive and hypertensives.


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