Value of Screening for Microalbuminuria in People with Diabetes as Well as in the General Population

  • Bo Feldt-Rasmussen
  • Jan Skov Jensen
  • Knut Borch-Johnsen


The concept of microalbuminuria was first introduced among diabetologists [1,2]. It is diagnosed when the urinary albumin excretion rate (UAER) is slightly elevated compared with a normal reference range but lower than what is seen when the classical dipstix are positive for protein or albumin. Microalbuminuria is a marker of an increased risk of diabetic nephropathy and of cardiovascular disease in patients with insulin-dependent (LDDM) as well as with non-insulin-dependent (NDODM) diabetes mellitus [1–18]. A high number of studies of the pathophysiology and of interventional measures in these patients have been published as reviewed in a number of dissertations and reviews since 1989 [19–27] and seven sets of recommendations on the prevention of diabetic nephropathy, with special reference to microalbuminuria have been published [28–34]. More recently microalbuminuria has been brought into a wider perspective because it has been found to be associated with cardiovascular disease also in the non-diabetic population. In fact microalbuminuria may show to be a risk factor of cardiovascular disease among otherwise apparently healthy persons [35–49].


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