Prevention of Diabetic Renal Disease with Special Reference to Microalbuminuria

  • Carl Erik Mogensen
  • William F. Keane
  • Peter H. Bennett
  • George Jerums
  • Hans-Henrik Parving
  • Philippe Passa
  • Michael W. Steffes
  • Gary E. Striker
  • Gian Carlo Viberti


In the past year six sets of recommendations on the prevention of diabetic nephropathy, with special reference to microalbuminuria, have been published [1–6]. The background to this activity was the large and increasing number of diabetic patients in whom end-stage renal failure (ESRD) develops and who therefore require dialysis or renal transplantation. Throughout the world about half a million patients are registered as being on renal replacement therapy, and diabetic nephropathy is the cause in nearly one-fifth of them [7]. These data are extrapolated from countries which have registeries but in many areas, especially in the densely populated countries of the Far East, accurate information on numbers of patients with ESRD is not yet available. Moreover, the half-million figure probably underestimates the number of diabetic patients with ESRD because selection criteria for renal replacement therapies vary from country to country. Both insulin dependent (IDDM) and non-insulin-dependent (NIDDM) diabetic patients contribute to the increase in ESRD. Prevention of diabetic renal disease, or at least the postponement or slowing down of the disease process, has emerged as a key issue. Our strategy is to develop programmes for all patients with diabetes, focused on early detection of renal diseasefollowed by intervention.


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  • Peter H. Bennett
  • George Jerums
  • Hans-Henrik Parving
  • Philippe Passa
  • Michael W. Steffes
  • Gary E. Striker
  • Gian Carlo Viberti

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