Microalbuminuria and Diabetic Pregnancy

  • Carl Erik Mogensen
  • Joachim G. Klebe


Renal and vascular damage, including blood pressure elevation, is often involved in complications of diabetic pregnancy. Therefore, sensitive methods for measuring elevated urinary protein excretion, especially of albumin (so-called microalbuminuria) [1–3], might be useful in early prediction of complications in diabetic as well as nondiabetic pregnancy. This is the case in nonpregnant diabetics [3–9], in whom microalbuminuria is a sensitive marker of generalized subclinical vascular disturbance and damage [6] and in whom it predicts overt nephropathy [3–6] as well as proliferative retinopathy [7]. This chapter deals with the pattern of urinary albumin excretion rate in diabetic pregnancy as studied with a sensitive radioimmunoassay for albumin using 24-h urine samples. Patients with overt nephropathy are discussed in Chapter 37.


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