Non-Glycaemic Intervention in Diabetic Nephropathy: The Role of Dietary Protein Intake

  • James D. Walker


By the time clinical diabetic nephropathy is diagnosed by persistent proteinuria and a declining glomerular filtration rate (GFR), treatment options to preserve renal function are limited. Improving glycaemic control at this stage of the disease process is difficult and has little influence on the rate of decline of the GFR [1–3] whereas treatment of a raised blood pressure (BP) is more efficacious [4–8]. Dietary protein restriction has long been known to influence renal function [9] and numerous studies have tested the effect of dietary protein restriction in various renal diseases [10]. Additionally in animal models of chronic renal failure dietary protein restriction lessens proteinuria, mesangial expansion and glomerulosclerosis and preserves GFR [11–14]. This chapter discusses the influence of dietary protein on renal function and examines the effects of the therapeutic manoeuvre of restricting dietary protein in diabetic nephropathy.


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