Risk Factor for Progression of Microalbuminuria in Relatively Young NIDDM-Patients

  • Ryuichi Kikkawa
  • Masakazu Haneda


Microalbuminuria, which is defined as a minute increase in urinary albumin excretion rate in patients whose urine is Albustix-negative, is reported the most reliable predictor for the development of clinical diabetic nephropathy in IDDM [1,2]. Similarly to findings in IDDM, the pioneering work by Mogensen has clearly showed that, in NIDDM, the incidence of macroalbuminuria or of clinical proteinuria of a 9-year period is higher in those with microalbuminuria (22%) than in those with normoalbuminuria (5%) [3], although the predictive power of microalbuminuria appeared to be lower in patients with NIDDM. Since microalbuminuria can reportedly predict the risk of early mortality as well as of clinical proteinuria in subjects with NIDDM [3], it is important to identify the factor(s) responsible for the development and progression of microalbuminuria. Although it may be worthwhile to investigate the progression of microalbuminuria in relatively young subjects with NIDDM, who would be expected to live long enough to show the outcome of microalbuminuria perhaps by minimizing the influence of age-related cardiovascular diseases, the mean age of such subjects studied is in the late 50s. In this chapter, we will summarize the data obtained in such patients with NIDDM.


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