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For NBA modeling, the exploratory relation
$$D\left( {i,t} \right){\text{ }} = {\text{ }}{f_{it}}[L\left( {i,t} \right),{\text{ }}S{\left( {i,t - \tau } \right)^\prime },G{\left( {i,t - \tau } \right)^\prime },{\left( {i,t} \right)^\prime }]$$
is simplified by including in S(i,t-τ) only lagged statistical shocks for team i. The vector x(i,t) contains the variables defined in (1.1.2: Part III). The effects of the unknown S(i*,t-τ) on D(i,t), i* ≠ i are excluded from consideration to vastly simplify the NBA modeling applications. To include these effects in the modeling procedure would entail the estimation of all per team equations—which is illustrated in the modeling of stock issues.


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