The Need for Learning

  • John C. Mowen


A new scale called the need for learning was developed to measure individual differences in information resource needs. A three-item construct emerged from the scale development efforts, which possess satisfactory internal validity (mean coefficient alpha = .75). In five studies, confirmatory factor analytic techniques were employed to evaluate its measurement properties vis a vis the elemental traits. The fit statistics were good, indicating that the construct possesses discriminant validity with regard to the elemental traits. The need for learning was shown to meet the four criteria for a compound trait: (1) it is unidimensional; (2) it possesses adequate internal reliability; (3) a combination of elemental traits accounts for substantial variance in the construct (mean R2 = .31); and (4) after partialing out the effects of the elemental traits, it accounts for additional variance in selected compound, situational, or surface traits. The need for learning was shown to have convergent validity with the need for cognition scale. Finally, its discriminant validity was shown by its failure to correlate with the playfulness compound trait.


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