From Chick-Flicks to Guy-Flicks to Sci-Fi Junkies: Traits of Movie Hounds

  • John C. Mowen


Study 1 employed the 3M’s elemental traits and a measure of “interest in romantic chivalry” to predict preferences for four movie genres. The multiple regression analysis revealed a good ability of the Model to account for variance in liking for romance, action/adventure and science fiction genres but not for the drama category. In addition, Study 1 investigated factors predictive of liking for the movie Titanic along with the number of times that respondents attended the movie. Structural equation modeling revealed that overall liking for the movie, along with sex of respondent, accounted for 25 percent of the variance in attendance. Significant predictors of liking for Titanic were liking for dramas, liking for science fiction (negative relationship), sex of respondent, and agreeability. Study 2 investigated the relationship between the elemental traits and sex of respondent and age of respondent. A meta-analysis of five studies revealed that the elemental traits accounted for an average of 16.4 percent of the variance in gender and 15.7 percent of the variance in age. Significant predictors of the female gender were need for arousal (−), agreeability (+), need for body resources (+), conscientiousness (+), and openness to experience (−). The only significant predictor of age was the need for arousal (−). Results are discussed in terms of the implications for the promotion of movies and for understanding the relationship between the elemental traits and gender and age.


Emotional Stability Science Fiction Adjusted Variance Discriminant Function Analysis Significant Predictor Variable 
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