From Health Motivation to Healthy Diet Lifestyle

  • John C. Mowen


In the study the 3M Model was employed to predict a surface level measure of healthy diet behaviors. In addition to using the eight elemental traits in the 3M, the hierarchical model employed the compound level trait of self-efficacy and the situational level traits of health motivation (Moorman and Matulich 1993) and health innovativeness. The structural equation analysis of the hierarchical model revealed that the combination of elemental, compound, and situational level traits accounted for 45.2 percent of the variance in the measure of healthy diet behaviors. Traits with significant positive direct paths to healthy diet behaviors were: health innovativeness, health motivation, and need for body resources. The need for arousal had a significant negative path coefficient with healthy diet behaviors. Results are discussed in terms of their implications for developing communications to influence people to consume healthier diets.


Healthy Diet Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Level Trait Emotional Instability Preventive Health Behavior 
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