Reduced sugar and lower fat baked goods

  • E. B. Bennion
  • G. S. T. Bamford
  • A. J. Bent


Undoubtedly the replacement of sugar and fat in any formulation presents a challenge if the quality of the product is to remain high. Recent work at the Flour Milling and Baking Research Association has shown that substantial sugar and fat reductions can be made in traditional formulations using a combination of a high-intensity sweetener, Sunett (which is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose in diluted aqueous solutions and is Hoechst’s trademark for the sweetener acesulfame K), and a low-calorie bulking agent, Litesse. Litesse is described by the manufacturer as a superior quality polydextrose. It is a randomly bonded polymer of dextrose containing minor amounts of bound sorbitol and citric acid. It is a water-soluble, low-calorie functional ingredient that allows the creation of light baked goods by replacing all or part of the sugars and some of the fats. Fats supply both a sensorial and functional benefit to foods, in addition to calories. Generally, the higher the level of fat, the harder it is to replace the organoleptic and functional qualities of fat with any one ingredient. Similarly, when sugar is replaced in a formulation the major considerations include the impact on the general organoleptic qualities of the baked product but more specifically the sweetness level of the finished product. Replacing the sugar also impacts upon the shelf-life of the product.


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  • G. S. T. Bamford
  • A. J. Bent
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