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  • E. B. Bennion
  • G. S. T. Bamford
  • A. J. Bent


A successful business is one which is built up on the creation of the reputation for good value both in the quality of the baked products and in service to the customer. This applies to both the small and the large business. In the case of the one-shop business, if the proprietor is a good craftsperson/business person then almost automatically there is an inbuilt system which ensures the maintenance of high-quality products and service. This is not to say that the small business is necessarily of this standard of efficiency, in fact the craftsperson proprietor can become so involved in day-to-day problems of production that he/she pays very little regard to the buying and selling aspects, and the profitability of the business suffers thereby. As the enterprise increases in size so it becomes more and more necessary to introduce and maintain a system of supervision in all aspects of the business. A most important tool in this supervisory structure is quality control.


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