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With stirring and cooling with ice water, 146 g (2 moles) of diethylamine was added over a period of 2.5–3 hours to 108 g (2 moles) of 85% formic acid contained in a 750-ml three-necked round-bottomed flask fitted with mercury-sealed stirrer, dropping funnel, and reflux condenser (Note 1). The reflux condenser was replaced by one set for distillation, and liquid distilling below 135° was removed from the reaction mixture. The contents of the flask were allowed to cool to room temperature, the condenser was replaced by one set for reflux, and 38.4 g (0.4 mole) of freshly distilled 2-furaldehyde, b.p. 159–161°/680 mm, was added from the dropping funnel.


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