Diethyl (Tetrahydrofurfuryl) Malonate

  • A. L. Mndzhoian


A 150-ml shaking autoclave A (Fig. 2) was charged with 30 g (0.125 mole) of freshly distilled diethyl furfurylidenemalonate (see p. 35), b.p. 147–148°/2 mm, 45 ml of anhydrous ethanol (Note 1), and 2.5–3 g (3–3.6% of the total amount of solution) of Raney nickel catalyst (Note 2), With the autoclave valves B and C closed, the outlet valve D of the cylinder of the hydrogen compressor E was opened and the connecting tube F was filled with hydrogen. The valve D was then closed, the inlet valve B was opened slowly, and the autoclave was filled with hydrogen at 10–15 atm; the valve B was then closed, and the pressure in the autoclave was released by opening the valve C carefully (Note 3).


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