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A 100-ml two-necked round-bottomed flask fitted with reflux condenser and thermometer passing almost to the bottom of the flask was charged with 40.4 g (0.2 mole) of 5-benzyl-2-furoic acid (see Vol. 1 of this work, p. 7). The acid was heated, and decarboxylation set in already at 160–165°; it proceeded steadily and at an adequate rate at 195–200°, and this temperature was maintained for 3.5–4 hours. Toward the end the temperature was raised to 205–210° and heating was continued for 25–30 minutes. The liquid formed was transferred to a small Claisen flask, and the reaction flask was rinsed out with 25–30 ml of dry ether, which was added to the main product. Solvent was distilled off, and the residue was distilled under reduced pressure and came over at 117–118°/24 mm.


Calcium Chloride Heterocyclic Compound Catalytic Hydrogenation Secondary Alcohol Reflux Condenser 
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