The apparatus used in the preparation of furan is shown in Fig. 2. The round-bottomed flask A has a side neck which carries a thermometer B reaching almost to the bottom of the flask. The mouth of the flask is closed with a rubber bung through which passes the vertical tube C, 15 cm in length and 1.8–2.0 cm in diameter. The upper end of the tube C is closed with a rubber stopper, which carries a long glass rod D; this is used for pushing sublimed 2-furoic acid back into the flask. A side tube E, diameter 1.8–2.0 cm, is fused to the vertical tube C at 2.5–3 cm from its upper end. The narrower (diameter 1 cm) vertical part of the tube E ends at the bottom of the column F, which is 3.5–4 cm in diameter and 25 cm in height. The column F is filled with pieces of sodium hydroxide of the size of a pea, which are separated from the end of the tube E by a layer of cotton wool (Note 1). The column F is immersed in a water bath (a tall beaker) at 45–50°. The exit tube of the column F is connected to a sloping condenser attached to a receiver immersed in ice and salt (Note 2).


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