2-Methylfuran (Sylvan)

  • A. L. Mndzhoian


The 150-ml distillation flask A (Fig. 1) has a side neck carrying a thermometer which reaches almost to the bottom of the flask and a wide side tube branching from a high point on the neck; 63 g (0.5 mole) of 5-methyl-2-furoic acid (see p. 33), m.p. 108–109°, was placed in the flask. The mouth of the flask was closed with a stopper carrying a long glass rod B, which was used for clearing the neck from 5-methyl-2-furoic acid sublimate. The side tube of the flask A was connected to a large U-tube filled with pieces of sodium hydroxide of the size of a pea; the U-tube was surrounded by a boiling water bath so as to prevent the condensation of 2-methylfuran (see Notes) (a tall one-liter beaker is suitable for use as a water bath). The other side of the U-tube was connected to a sloping condenser, which was fitted with a long receiver adapter; the end of the adapter was in the lower part of a long-necked 100-ml flask, which served as a receiver and was cooled with ice water.


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