Disorders of Magnesium Homeostasis and Magnesium in Therapy

  • Jack W. Coburn
  • Barton S. Levine


Magnesium, atomic weight 24.3, is the fourth most abun­dant metal in living organisms; next to potassium, it is the most prevalent intracellular cation. Magnesium is abun­dant in all living organisms. In plants, magnesium occupies a position in chlorophyll that is somewhat analogous to that of iron in hemoglobin. In animals, magnesium is criti­cal for vast numbers of metabolic processes, including the production and utilization of energy. Magnesium held a dominant position in the oceans of the Precambrian era, a time when life is believed to have evolved. This fact may account for importance of Mg in a multitude of intracellu­lar processes; for example, Mg is a cofactor in almost every step of anaerobic glycolysis, a very primitive pathway in energy metabolism.


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