Vasculitic Diseases of the Kidney

  • James E. Balow
  • Howard A. AustinIII


The systemic vasculitides are a diverse set of immunologically mediated disorders that share certain constitutional features, described clinically as the vasculitic syndrome, and that are distinguished by unique complexes of focal symptoms and signs of inflammation and vascular pathology. Several comprehensive monographs (1–4), textbook chapters (5–8), and review articles (9–12) on the clinical and pathological aspects of systemic and renal vasculitis have been published in the past several years. Patients with systemic vasculitis tend to segregate among medical specialties according to the major organ system involvement, and each specialty creates its own classification system. Disciplines vary in their preferences for the lumping and splitting of vasculitic diseases. Proposals for standardization of criteria for diagnosis and classification of systemic vasculitis have recently appeared (13,14).


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