Beams and Girders

  • Edward S. Hoffman
  • David P. Gustafson
  • Albert J. Gouwens


Although the terms “beam” and “girder” are frequently used in all codes, and, specifically, in the 1995 ACI Code, it was considered unnecessary to provide definitions for these terms in the Code. The common usage of these terms was evidently considered sufficiently definitive. For the purposes of this book, beams and girders are considered to consist of flexural members, generally horizontal, which act as a primary part of the structural framing system. A beam is herein considered to carry distributed loads such as parallel walls or tributary areas of the floor or roof systems; a girder, although it too may support these distributed loads, supports major concentrated loads such as columns or beam reactions. Most of the special provisions of the ACI Code will be applicable to both beams and girders under the authors’ definitions of common usage, even where the Code refers merely to beams. Most of the requirements of the general codes in effect, such as fire protection and reduction of live loads, will also apply equally to both. For convenience in this chapter, all references to beams will apply equally to girders; provisions peculiar to girders will be identified.


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