One-Way Joist Systems

  • Edward S. Hoffman
  • David P. Gustafson
  • Albert J. Gouwens


Concrete joist construction consists of a monolithic combination of regularly spaced ribs and a top slab. It may be constructed with permanent or removable fillers between ribs (joists) arranged to span in one direction or in two orthogonal directions (Section 8.11.1). Two-way joist construction which spans in two orthogonal directions, commonly referred to as waffle slab construction, must conform to the requirements of Chapter 13 of the 1995 Code for slab systems reinforced in flexure in more than one direction. Chapter 7 of this book gives a detailed explanation of these requirements. One-way joist construction with joists parallel to one another must conform to the requirements for analysis and design of the 1995 Code which will be discussed in this chapter.


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