Circannual Rhythms in Progesterone Receptor Levels and Functions

  • T. C. Spelsberg
  • P. A. Boyd
  • F. Halberg
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 117)


Studies in this laboratory on the nuclear binding sites (acceptors) for progesterone receptor in the developed chick oviduct have resulted in the detection of seasonal variations in the levels and functions of the receptor. Cytosol preparations obtained from the chick oviducts during the winter/spring period between January and May display reduced receptor levels as well as a loss of the capacity of the rec9tor to bind to nuclear “acceptor” sites in vitro. The binding of [3H]P-R to whole chromatin or purified acceptor proteins reannealed to DNA display the same rhythm. No such rhythm is detected for the binding of P-R to pure DNA. Computer analysis of the data, using least squares method to fit the data to cosine curves, shows a significant fit indicating a circannual rhythm in P-R binding to the acceptor protein-DNA complex but not tg pure DNA. The nuclear binding in vivo, achieved by injecting [3H]progesterone into the wing vein and analyzing the radioactivity localized in the oviduct nuclei, also displays a similar rhythm. These results support that native nuclear acceptor sites for progesterone in the chick oviduct represent protein-DNA complexes and not pure DNA. The failure of P-R to bind the nuclear acceptor sites in vivo and in vitro during this period can be explained by the two subunit hypothesis of Schrader and O’Malley, whereby one of the two subunits is absent or inactive during this period.


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  • P. A. Boyd
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  • F. Halberg
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