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There are times in the course of the architectural development of a project, or during the construction of the project itself, when it is necessary to provide for abrupt changes in the contours of the existing grade. These changes may be of a temporary nature or they may be permanent. Examples of where such changes are required is as follows:
  1. 1.

    In the construction of highways, particularly at ramps, bridges and crossovers

  2. 2.

    Where temporary working space is required in which to construct the underground areas of a building or other structure

  3. 3.

    At the exterior walls of basements of buildings and at interior areas such as elevator pits, pipe tunnels, and other mechanical spaces

  4. 4.

    As part of the architectural treatment of the overall development of the site

  5. 5.

    Where bulkheads are required for the control of water and land erosion in coastal areas



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