Sibling Sexual Experiences: Normal Exploratory Behavior, Nonabusive Incest, and Abusive Incest

  • Victor G. Cicirelli


Normal sexual curiosity, exploration, and experimentation among siblings in childhood and adolescence can be distinguished from sexual exploitation or sexually abusive behavior, although both types of behavior may be displayed by the same sibling pair. Sexual behavior which can be termed incestuous may occur among various family members (e.g., father and daughter, cousins, siblings) and, depending on the circumstances, may be considered to be nonabusive or abusive. Distinguishing normal sexual exploratory behavior from sexually abusive behavior is difficult in itself, but the difficulty is compounded by attempting to distinguish between nonabusive and abusive incest. What is considered to be normal, what is considered incestuous, what is considered abusive or nonabusive depends in part upon the values and norms of the culture.


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