The Scientific Model and the Genesis of the Riddle

  • Jeffrey Foss


This chapter has two main goals. One is to trace the riddle of consciousness to its source, and thereby to provide deeper roots for mysterianism. We want to come to fully appreciate the intuitions that inform the doctrine that consciousness lies beyond the grasp of science. The other goal is to trace the historical development of the scientific model, and, thereby begin to define the complementary relationship between two models of the world: the manifest and the scientific. The roots of the riddle and the rise of science are closely intertwined, so their histories are mutually illuminating. The scientific model was created in historical times, whereas the source of the manifest model is buried deep in our biological history. The genesis of the riddle lies in the clash between the older manifest model, and the upstart scientific model which first shunned the manifest, but now, after a few centuries of stunning success, has formed the ambition of explaining it.


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