Behaviour of image structures in scale-space: Deep structure

  • Tony Lindeberg
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The treatment so far has been mainly concerned with the formal definition of the scale-space representation and the definition of image descriptors at any single scale. A complementary problem concerns how to relate structures at different scales. This subject has been termed deep struc­ture by Koenderink (1984). When a pattern is subjected to scale-space smoothing, its shape changes and may be distorted. For example, features like local extrema, edges, blobs, etc. can be expected to drift when the underlying grey-level image is subject to blurring. More generally, transi­tions between objects of qualitatively different appearance may also take place. This gives rise to the notion of dynamic shape, which as argued by Koenderink and van Doorn (1986) is an essential component of any shape description of natural objects.


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