Introduction to Rehabilitation Assessment

  • Gerald Goldstein
  • Sue R. Beers
Part of the Human Brain Function book series (HBFA)


In this volume of Human Brain Function: Assessment and Rehabilitation, we look at how rehabilitation specialists conceptualize and practice evaluation of brain function. As we will see, these concepts and practices are quite distinct from those presented in the three volumes on neuroimaging and neuropsychology. The need for an entire volume devoted to this matter will be apparent as one becomes aware of how methods and concepts differ between physicians and clinical neuropsychologists, on the one hand, and rehabilitation specialists on the other. One major distinction is between diagnosis and treatment. Although not entirely true, it is probably fair to say that the neuroradiologist, neurologist, and neuropsychologist are largely concerned with diagnosis, whereas the rehabilitation specialists are primarily concerned with treatment and remediation. Most professional rehabilitation specialists spend their lives engaged in direct treatment efforts, and use assessment primarily to guide and monitor those efforts.


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