Cross-Property Relations

  • Salvatore Torquato
Part of the Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics book series (IAM, volume 16)


An intriguing fundamental as well as practical question in the study of heterogeneous materials is the following: Can different properties of the medium be rigorously linked to one another? Such cross-property relations become especially useful if one property is more easily measured than another property. Since the effective properties of random media reflect certain morphological information about the medium, one might expect that one could extract useful information about one effective property given an accurate (experimental or theoretical) determination of a different effective property, even when their respective governing equations are uncoupled. Cross-property relations provide a means of ascertaining the possible range of values that different effective properties can possess (i.e., the allowable region in multidimensional property space) and thus have important implications for the design of multifunctional composites.


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