Gas-Dynamical Theory of the Effect of Laser Radiation on Condensed Substances

  • Yu. V. Afanas’ev
  • O. N. Krokhin
Part of the The Lebedev Physics Institute Series book series (LPIS)


The interaction of radiation emitted by lasers with matter is a topic that embraces a broad spectrum of problems, beginning with elementary quantum processes (many-photon absorption) and ending with the investigation of macroscopic effects generated by the action of laser radiation on absorbing or transmissive media. Foremost among the macroscopic phenomena, next to nonlinear optics, we find the breakdown of gases under the influence of focused laser radiation (“spark”), the formation and heating of a plasma to thermonuclear temperatures, and dynamical effects associated with the action of high-intensity laser radiation fluxes on condensed substances.


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  • O. N. Krokhin

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