Cytophysiologic and Cytogenetic Characteristics of Epidermal Cells in Pseudocarcinomatous Hyperplasia and in Squamous Cell Carcinoma

  • B. A. Berenbein


The progress achieved by cytophysiologic and cytogenetic research in oncology has been largely due to the application of comprehensive analyses in which various methods are used to study, in particular, the growth patterns of cultured cells and the chromosomes and sex chromatin in interphase nuclei of such cells. Although these aspects are interrelated, each of them has an independent value of its own, and it is desirable to consider them separately. Accordingly, the three sections which follow are concerned, respectively, with growth patterns of epidermal cells in vitro, karyotypic characteristics of cultured cells, and sex chromatin in squamous cell carcinoma and in pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia, both in humans and in experimental animals.


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