Packaging materials for MAP of foods

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Whenever the marketing of almost all produce and food products is under consideration, it is essential to remember that packaging is a very important part of the overall marketing operation. Marketing may be defined as ‘the identification, anticipation and satisfaction of customer need profitably’. Properly designed food packaging must not only preserve the quality of the food but also ensure its safe delivery to the consumer at an economic cost. Because of this it is worthwhile considering the basics of food preservation in some detail before discussing the virtues and disadvantages of the available packaging materials. Table 4.1 outlines the six most important methods of preserving foods and points out that an essential seventh requirement in all instances is suitable packaging to prevent microbial entry and retard chemical deterioration. Table 4.2 defines the multiple functions of packaging that must be borne in mind when materials are selected to contain and protect a specific product.


Barrier Property Packaging Material Water Vapour Transmission Rate Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 
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