Nutrition and Food Policy in Norway

Effects on Reduction of Coronary Heart Disease
  • Kaare R. Norum
  • Lars Johansson
  • Grete Botten
  • Gunn-Elin Aa. Bjørneboe
  • Arne Oshaug
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Nutrition and food policy has a relatively long history in Norway. It started around 1930 when an official school breakfast was introduced for all children in primary schools (1). At the same time the Norwegian Medical Association took the initiative to study the interrelation among income, nutrition, and health (2). This issue created an intense debate in the society and both medical doctors and leading economists took part in the discussion. It is interesting that prominent economists, two of whom (3) later received Nobel Prizes, published papers on diet, nutrition, and income (3,4). At the same time, the League of Nations raised the issue that it should be a collective duty of a society to take on the responsibility for a nutrition and food policy. In Norway, the General Director of Health, Karl Evang, strongly subscribed to that idea, arguing that the question of the citizen’s diet was a national responsibility, demanding solutions through appropriate measures in many sectors in the society. The idea of prevention and health promotion as intersectorial work has since gradually gained support in our country and is now a platform in the newly formed health promotion policy. The establishment of a National Nutrition Council (NNC) in Norway in 1937 was closely related to development in the League of Nations. A specific task of the NNC was to create a nutrition and food policy that the government and Parliament could adopt.


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  • Kaare R. Norum
  • Lars Johansson
  • Grete Botten
  • Gunn-Elin Aa. Bjørneboe
  • Arne Oshaug

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