Intensity Fluctuations of Emitted Spectral Lines

  • Sergei A. Kazantsev
  • Vyacheslav I. Khutorshchikov
  • Günter H. Guthöhrlein
  • Laurentius Windholz
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The main features of light sources for optical pumping on the basis of high-frequency electrodeless spectral lamps are the high intensity and stability of radiation of the emitted spectral lines. However, there are only a few works devoted to the study of fluctuation characteristics of the radiation of such light sources. Fluctuations in the frequency domain lower than 1 Hz and in the time domain have not yet been sufficiently investigated. Nevertheless, in a number of cases (for example, in gas cells for quantum frequency standards) the parameters of the device are determined by the entire spectrum of fluctuations. The sensitivity of radio-optical resonance for a measurement period of 1 s is conditioned by the spectral density of radiation fluctuations at modulation frequencies which are usually within the range from 30 to 300 Hz. The sensitivity for a measurement period longer than 103 s depends upon the intensity fluctuations for the corresponding time. As in spectroscopic experiments and optical devices, various types of hf discharge light sources operating in various modes are used, the problem of optimization of the light sources becomes very significant and requires preliminary studies of the fluctuation characteristics.


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  • Vyacheslav I. Khutorshchikov
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  • Laurentius Windholz
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  5. 5.Graz Technical UniversityGrazAustria

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